Meet the Team

No request or requirements are too big or small for us, whether you’re a solo traveller or there’s a team of you, whether you simply require logistics for a commercial shoot or require local filming permits, we’ve got it covered.

Our Team encourages to give good facilities, ensure comparability and practically identical trekking capabilities, not single person in the gathering feels they are, most likely held back or holding back distinctive parts of the conglomeration. It is ensuring that each guest can experience Nepal in the way that matches their premiums and proficiencies.

  • Suman Aryal
    Founder and CEO

    Suman Aryal

    Suman Aryal grew up in a remote village of the Dhading district. His childhood days were similar to that of an average middle class Nepali child who had to manage their school life along with rearing cattle and helping his parents with their domestic works.

    “Waking up very early to fetch drinking water from a steep downward village was the toughest work I experienced in my childhood days” says Mr. Aryal with a gentle smile on his face.

    After leaving the village for bigger opportunities, Suman gained a Masters Degree in Business Management in Kathmandu, with a view to work in the Banking industry. However Suman’s situation soon changed and he started his career as a Trekking Guide and even started writing a blog. He has now successfully managed hundreds of tours and trekking packages through his travel business, Dream Heaven Adventure. Now a successful tourism entrepreneur Suman continues to ensure that all of his clients visiting Nepal have a bespoke once in a lifetime experience with Dream Heaven Adventure, whatever their requirements.

    Suman’s unique way of working, clear vision and excellent direction to both his clients and employees, has helped set the bar for Dream Heaven Adventure to become one of the best, most trusted and reliable tourism operators in the whole of Nepal.

    “Even with the smallest of efforts, the tourism industry will be able to lead our country’s economy if we are disciplined about it” says Mr. Aryal.

  • Hari Acharya

    Hari Acharya

    Hari Acharya is a young and energetic tourism operator. He was from a remote village of Dhading district and has acquired a huge experience of working in a tourism field. He is a fluent speaker, good communicator and a dedicated personality with a diverse knowledge of tour and trekking sector.

    He is precisely intended to suite your vacation plans. He will supply all the essential data for your security and solace, remunerating you with huge occasion, devoted in giving magnificent and customized administrations.


  • Louise Watsham
    Executive Director

    Louise Watsham

    Louise spent almost a year living and working in Nepal (2014-2015) after meaning to only visit for 10 days! She ended up working as a travel writer for two English/ Nepali newspapers based in Kathmandu which allowed her to travel extensively throughout Nepal reviewing hotels, restaurants and experiences. Her love of the country grew stronger everyday as well as her knowledge of how things work out in the Himalayan region.

    Although she now resides back in London, UK, she works tirelessly to promote tourism in Nepal, mainly through her travel blog LULULOVES. Now she is a partner at Dream Heaven Adventure, assisting in creating bespoke once in a lifetime journeys to Nepal’s Himalayas. Louise returns to Nepal at least twice a year to work alongside the Managing Director of Dream Heaven Adventure, Suman Aryal. For UK and European inquiries please email:[email protected]


  • Gokarna Aryal
    Manager Sales and Operation

    Gokarna Aryal

    Gokarna is the Operation Manager in this company. He was born and raised in a village of Dhading district. He has graduated in business studies and involving the tourism field more than a decade. He has been responsible for all kinds of tours and trekking package management.  Gokarna has enough knowledge and dedication for the travel planning in Nepal. He has brought new plans and helped our organization go grow rapidly in the field of Tourism.

    He has contributed a lot and still is contributing to our organization. With all of his vast knowledge, experience and innovative behavior, he has helped our to build an impressive reputation for providing professional and efficient services to the clients.


  • Kumod Adhikari
    Tour Guide

    Kumod Adhikari

    Kumud is one of the popular names as the city guide with his long time experience and vast knowledge. He has been actively working in the field of tourism in Nepal for two decades.

    He started his career working as food and beverages manager for about 12 years in a renowned hotel. Kumud then joined the travel sector and since then has been working as a city guide. He has the ability to give the introduction and information of any places in a very easy and understandable manner. Very polite and gentle in nature, he loves to explore the country culture, architecture, customs, tradition, religion and people.

    And so did he wants for the travelers with him. He have deeply knowledge about Nepal’s world heritage site, Pashupatinath, Boudhnath, Monkey temple, Patan Durbar square, Katmandu Durbar square, Bhaktapur Durbar square and many more.

  • Saru Ghimire
    Tour Guide

    Saru Ghimire

    Saru Ghimire is enthausaistic and pre-eminent tour guide who is familiar with all significiant tour spots in kathmandu valley. She is well known about the history, local culture and tradition of all the tour locations. Her involvement in tour sector was started 10 years back and her continous involvemenet with passion in this fild has lead her to this promising status.

    She is from one of the remote villages of Gorkha district and her childhood was alike as those of the average Nepali people. With no doubt, Miss Ghimire is asset to our company and she has received remarkable compliments from our guests. She is enthusiastic about tour operation and guide and she is inclined to acquire more knowledge on it.

    She is communivative, decisive, punctual and have great translational ability which will enable and ease our tour guide to easy communciation.

  • Hupa Raj Tamang
    Senior Trekking Guide

    Hupa Raj Tamang

    Working in excess of 20 years in the tourism field, Hupa Raj has been directing voyagers all significant parts of Nepal. He has trekked in the majority of the trekking regions in Nepal and considered as master trekking guide for sorted out trekking.

    He has faith in making them feel content and agreeable, the traits of the nationals of Nepal. Mr. Tamang, one of the best guides with far reaching information of the society, religion, history, legislative issues and topography of Nepal.

  • Shambhu Subedi
    Trekking Guide

    Shambhu Subedi

    He started his trekking career 17 years ago. This long experience has made him much competitive, efficient and confident trekking guide. He is from one of the remote villages of Nepal with his childhood alike the average nepali people.

    "My very first trekking experience still comes to my mind time and again. It was 5 days trekking with a group of 4 Dutch and I was very nervous, confused and also excited. I was the porter and I still remember the very first positive complimenet that I received from guest" Also he added- "I have now overocme all those insecurities, nervousness and confusion and can satisfy all the types of trekking groups"

    He has received training on climbing, adverse trekking and basic first aid trainig wich will help our trekkers to ease thier journey with his guidance. He had knowledge of almost all of the trekking routes, culture, tradition of local residents and also well familiar regarding the climatic and weather condition of the destination.

    Dream Heaven Adventure is proud to be the medium for his career escalation and he is one of the best assets to our company. Remarkable complimetns on Mr. Subedi, received from our guests is appreciable and satisfactory.

  • Sitaram Lamichhane
    Trekking Guide

    Sitaram Lamichhane

    Very strong, talent and experienced guide, Sitaram has been working for about 6 years in the field of trekking. In this period, he has been guiding many customer from all around the world and much experienced the trekking regions like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and many others regions. He is well known about the trekking trails and the difficulties involved in the areas. Mr. Lamichhane is capable of handling difficult situations.

  • Naba Raj Kshetri
    Trekking Guide

    Naba Raj Kshetri

    Mr. Ksheri, prominent trekking leader of the company, had kicked off his trekking career as a porter almost 10 years back. His dedication, passion and his hard work lead him to escalate in his profession. Mr. Naba Raj is fastidious and have tiny details about the trekking routes and tracks, settlements, tradition, culture and is quiet familiar with various types of flora and fauna.

    His knowledge in the areas is always advantageous to the trekkers. All types of trekkers enjoy travelling with him as he is funny, communicative, informative and understands the requirement of privacy of the trekkers. He could always manage all the situations as per the need of the trekkers.

  • Dipak Karki
    Trekking Guide

    Dipak Karki

    Born and rise in Solukhumbu (Everest) Trekking Region, Mr. Karki has been working in tourism field since 15 years. Having a vast knowledge about Nepal mountain tourism Dipak had done many trekking in remote part of Nepal including Dolpo, Manaslu, Narphu and Upper Mustang regions. He is fit in any adventure of Nepal and will be able to make your visit remarkable and lifetime experiences.