Where is Mount Everest Located?

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The most popular queries among enthusiastic trekkers and climbers around the world is, where is Mount Everest located. Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world is sited in the border between two Asian countries Nepal and China. Everest is located in the Mahalangur Range above the Qing Zang Gaoyuan,a Tibetan plateau. On the Nepali side, it lies in the district of Solokhumbu.

More specifically, Mount Everest lies in the Sagarmatha national park in the Solokhumbu district. On the side towards China (Tibet), it lies in the Tringi County of the Zigag area. If you are planning of climbing Everest or undertaking Everest base camp, consider going from southern side. The side towards Nepal is comparatively popular for trekking and climbing to Everest. Each year thousands of trekkers come to Nepal for Everest base camp trekking.

Where is Mount Everest located?

There is no doubt that Everest base camp trek is the most popular trek around the globe. However, most of the people often ask, where Mount Everest is located. The Everest stands exactly between the border of Nepal and Tibet in south Asia. According to the China’s National Surveying and Mapping Administration Mount Everest is exactly located at 27° 59′ North latitude, 86°55′ East longitudes.

Mount Everest, is sited at the Mahalangur range of the great Himalayas of south Asia. More specifically, it is located in a small landlocked south Asian country, Nepal. Mount Everest lies in the eastern border between China (Tibet) and Nepal. Therefore, we can say that it is located half in Nepal and half in the People’s Republic of China.

Geographical position of Mount Everest

The geographical location of Everest is 27° 59′ North latitude, 86°55′ East longitudes about 160.51 km from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

Where is Mount Everest in Nepal?

According to the political map of Nepal, Mount Everest lies in the ward number 4 of Khumjung VDC of Solukhumbu district in Sagarmatha zone. Everest sits in the lap of Sagarmatha National Park. Getting to the Everest base camp from Nepali side is a long journey. Starting in Kathmandu with a flight to lukla, 14 days Everest base camp trek is hard and challenging yet highly rewarding.

Where is Mount Everest in Tibet?

Northern part of Everest lies in the boundary of the People’s Republic of China.it is located at the southern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau. Getting to Tibet Everest base camp is much easier as there is a provision of road that takes you to the tourist base camp itself.

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What Nepalese feel to have Mount Everest?

Nepalese people take Mount Everest as their pride and honour. In fact, Sherpa’s near call it as their mother. On the top of that, Nepalese people feel delighted when they say Mount Everest is located in Nepal. Moreover, in recent years, tourism has flourished in Nepal. The main attraction of tourism sector in Nepal is its heavenly Himalayas and lush green hills. Mount Everest is also significant from Nepal’s economy perspective.

One of the major section helping Nepali economy is tourism. Number of Sherpa’s and highlander’s main income source is trekking to these peaks. Combination of topographical structure and geographical composition makes Nepal, best destination in the world for adventure sports like tour, trekking and mountaineering. Formation of Mount Everest in the Himalayas It is believed that around 65 million years ago, the continent of Pangaea split into the seven continent we know today. That was when entire Himalayan mountain range formed. The tremendous Indian tectonic plate, started to move towards north and eventually crashed into the Eurasian plate.

As a result of high pressure, the Indian plate crumbled at its edge. At the same time, the Eurasian also crumpled. The resulting collision forced the mass of rocks along the edge of Asian plate to ride up. The Asian and the Eurasian plates have been moving together gradually for several millions of years. Therefore, forcing the huge rocks to form the Himalayas that we see now. Scientist believe, the Indian tectonic plate is still travelling at the rate of 1.5 cm per year as a result of which the height difference of the peak Everest is observed. This way, formation of Mount Everest took place millions of years ago in ancient Nepal.

How high is Mount Everest?

Everest, the highest mountain in the world stands tall with the height of 8,848m above the sea level. However, the height of the Everest is still the controversial issue. The initial height of Everest that was officially registered was 8,840m. This height was considered authentic until 1955, when an expedition from India concluded the height to be 8,848m, the current height. 20 years later, China gave more accurate reading 8,848.13. According to another reading conducted in 1999, the height of Everest was 8,850m with a snow cap of a meter above the rock peak.

Recently, in 2005 China revealed the actual height of rock head of the mountains to be 8,844.43m with a snow caps of about 3.5m. Nowadays, both heights are common but in number of places around the world, the listed height of Mount Everest is 8,848m. Anyway, different surveying techniques keep on producing different results for the actual height of Everest. Many geologists share a controversial believe while measuring the height of Everest. They are confused whether measurements should be based on permanent snow or the rock. This is why, it is difficult to answer how high Mount Everest is.

Different names of Mount Everest

Everest is recognized by different names around the world. In Nepal it is famous as Sagarmatha, where Sagar means the sky and Matha means the forehead. In Tibetan language, Everest is called as Chomolungma which means holy mother. Furthermore, before it got the name Everest it was referred as third pole.at that time it had several local names too. However, none were common enough to make it official.

Finally in 1865, the peak was named after the land surveyor general, Sir George Everest. He was the first person to locate the exact position of Mount Everest. Sagarmatha, a Nepali name came into use since 1960s. Hence, there are several different names of Mount Everest used around the globe.

The weather of Mount Everest

The weather of Mount Everest region changes unexpectedly, regardless the weather forecast. It is almost impossible to predict the accurate weather, so every trekkers must be prepared for any kind of disaster. Note the fact that oxygen at the base camp is merely 53 percent of the oxygen available at sea level.

According to the unofficial majority of trekkers tend to ignore the sign of acute mountain sickness. As a result of which they are likely get perished on the route. Ignoring the signs of AMS such as headache, dizziness, disorientation can prove to be fatal. Therefore, be careful in such situation.

How to get to Mt. Everest?

You might be wondering about how to get to Everest. In such situation, first of all, book a flight ticket to Nepal. Nepal is the gateway to the Everest as most of the trekkers prefer to trek to the southern base camp of Everest in Nepal as it is relatively more rewarding than the southern base camp in China. Everest base camp trekkers in Nepal generally fly to lukla from Kathmandu before starting their trek to southern base camp of Everest.

Alternatively, you can choose classic route to the Everest base camp via Jiri. This route was used of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay during their first ascent to the summit of Everest. There are a lot of trekkers who choose to explore the northern base camp of Tibet in the north ridge of Xigaze area. The northern base camp is accessible via road, and it demands permits from the Chinese government.

Who climbed the mount Everest First?

The answer to the question, who climbed the Mount Everest first successfully, is Sir Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay on May 29 of 1953. However, there is controversial belief that a British mountaineer in 1924 might have conquered the summit of Everest for the first time.

Is it hard to climb Mount Everest?

You might be wondering, is it hard to climb Mount Everest. Believe me, with better planning and proper management of physical fitness and acclimatization climbing Everest is not a big deal. Alongside them mental strength, positive approach and learning from others also contribute significantly for a successful Everest base camp trek.

How long does it take to climb Mount Everest?

On average, every expedition to Everest takes nearly 2 months. The mesmerizing adventure begins at the base camp of mountain, generally in late march. The other base camp on the southern side is situated at an elevation of 5,300m, and is sited at the base of the icefall, which happens to be the major obstacle. While most of the trekkers walk only few times through this section, the skilful Sherpa can do it up to 30 times in a season.

Another important port is Camp 2 also referred as advanced base camp. From here, climbers will continue their journey to camp 3 and 4. After making it to every base camp, the climbers descend down to lower base camp for proper acclimatization. Usually summit day is in mid-May. At this time of the year, the temperature is warmer and the winds are milder. Climbers aim to conquer summit in the morning, with plenty of day light left for descent. Are you clear about how long does it take to climb the Mount Everest? You can give us feedback at [email protected]

Deaths in Everest

As per the surveys, there is at least a person who dies while climbing Everest every year. Though deaths in Everest is common, it is not certainly the deadliest mountain. The region in Everest above 7500m is considered as death zone. Deaths in   Everest are as a result of frostbite, snow blindness, suffocation, starvation, and hypothermia etc. In 196, 15 climbers died because of deadliest weather condition. Likewise, in 2015, deadliest avalanche took lives of at least 19 climbers.


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