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  • Last Updated on Mar 27, 2023

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Thamel is only one touristic place in Kathmandu. The place is amazing, but the Kathmadu Day Tour is incomplete without visiting and exploring Thamel, even if you’re in the town for Yoga training or business. In this article, we are trying to figure out top 8 things to do in Thamel.

A trekker’s paradise, Nepal is a meditative land decorated with a breathtaking view of the Himalayas, charming villages, ornate temples, ancient monasteries, lush forests, and makes one of the world’s wonderful travel destinations.

Kathmandu is the first place you set your foot on after stepping off the plane during your tour in Nepal. The capital of the country and the most popular tourist hub is an eye-opening experience. From its busy alleyways to maddening traffic to the colourful shops lining the streets to its friendly and warm hearted people, Kathmandu cannot be described in words but only can be experienced.

Thamel is a popular touristy place widely known as a shopping hub. Thamel is labeled as a place that never sleeps, always lively, and never stops surprising tourists with happening spots and activities it offers.

The tourist district of Nepal is always frenetic and crowded and still manages to retain its vibe of old-world feel every time.

The streets are filled with vendors. Thamel is more than colored clothing, jewelry, wood carvings, painting and bronze statues. Thamel takes you on a whole different vibe from morning till the day starts fading. Be a part of this exotic place and know what all you can do here.

Jazz, Rock, Classic- Musical Vibe of Thamel

Spend a lovely winter evening in the alleys of Thamel listening to great music and sipping some hot coffee. Music is the soul of Thamel, from Jazz to Rock to Classic; everyone’s taste is appreciated and catered. Many cafes organize Live Music nights offering the stage to young local talents, who might take you to the hippy era of the 70s. Some restaurants even play Nepali music and tracks as per your request.

For the Party Lover- Hop Bars and Clubs

Make some noise for the party lovers, and if you’re in Kathmandu on weekends, then Thamel is the place to be at. Bars, cafes, and restaurants look like they’re all set for big festivity, especially during the weekends. The vibe, music, food, and crowd sets a perfect sight. You can also stick to small bars in the alleys if you prefer a quieter environment. Bar Hopping and Clubbing is recommended when you’re in Thamel.

A Delightful Treat for your Taste Buds

Thamel is a heaven for food lovers, and there are some excellent places to explore. Exploring eatery joints in the city might surprise you with the fact that a lot of restaurants serve numerous cuisines and the best local foods.  There are world-class authentic Nepalese restaurants and amazing coffee shops to spend time at your leisure. You can try cafes like Fire & Ice, Helena’s Rooftop Restaurant, Furu Sato, Electric Pagoda, and more. To sip a great cup of coffee in the cold weather, you can trust the Himalayan Java, Yala Cafe, Coffee House, etc. to name a few.

Explore the Garden of Dreams

Unwind at a place that boasts calmness and tranquillity. Garden of Dreams, also known as Garden of Six Season, is the place for you. Spend your time relaxing in an open area; the place is located in Kaiser Mahal in Thamel. Decorated with Victorian architecture, the place has beautiful pavilions, furnisher, and fountains. The Garden of Dreams is designed intricately and comprises verandas, birdhouses, pergolas, urns, and a lotus pond. Have a quiet time, chilling and relaxing with a book or music on.

Did someone say Shopping?

Thamel is a shopper’s paradise, and shopping is the most popular aspect of the city. A majority of travelers are here for the same. But to have a great time during your shopping spree, consider some essential steps to follow and yes you can bargain a bit too. Thamel is a place to buy flavorsome and naturally prepared spices, pickles, and other condiments. It is a place for jewelry lovers, particularly those who love silver. Embroidered apparels, Kashmiri Carpets, and Pashimas are a few things that you should buy. Other things you can buy are puppet, tea, clothes, prayer flags, souvenir, etc.

Relax & Rejuvenate- Spa and Holistic Healing

Revamp your day with exotic spa and massage therapies and get rid of all your fatigue from your toil in the city. There are amazing spots to visit that offer relaxing natural therapies and treatments. You can choose massages (deep tissue, Thai, Ayurvedic, etc.), sauna, Jacuzzi, and other options. You can also try them on your way back from trekking. If you’re here for yoga training, then natural healing must be a part of your program, like it was there during 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Release tension and stress and soak into the meditative embrace with natural holistic healing therapies.

Give it a Try to Indoor Activities

The activities are for those who have a free day with no certain plans. Get ready for some playtime, visit the nearby Indoor Sports Arena- it is a place located to the North of Thamel to enjoy indoor activities. You can engage with Fuss Ball or Archery. If you are looking for adventure activities like wall climbing, football, paintball, and more, you can visit places at Bhagwan Bahal. Thamel or Kathmandu gives you an amazing opportunity to go for a short hike and trekking expedition, something like White Water River Rafting you did during Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Movies and Books- Both Sounds Great

If you’re a movie person or a book lover, Thamel has stuffs in store for each one of you. Fulfil your latest movie connoisseur at a multiplex in Thamel, and spend a whole day in the mall. For bookworms, Thamel is a place to go and find great collection of books at various book shops. You can find a book shop in almost every lane, even cheap and affordable ones too. From the same shop you can buy souvenirs and gifts for loved ones or trekking gears for your next day adventure trip.It’s worth visiting Thamel to soak up its atmosphere, and enjoy the day out in this commercial neighbourhood of Kathmandu.

Suman Aryal

Suman Aryal

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