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Q. Can I obtain my visa upon arrival in Nepal?

Yes, you can obtain your entry visa upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu. Besides, you can also obtain your visa at a consulate in your home country. In either case, you need to submit 2 passport size photograph and the visa fee.

Q. I have never trekked before; can I go trekking in the Himalaya of Nepal?

Yes. To start trekking, you could just start walking in the trails prior to a month of arranging trek in Nepal. Just accumulate positive altitude. Our trained guide will assist and you will in all aspects while on trek.

Q. What shall I have to bring while trekking in Nepal?

Rucksack, trekking boots, trekking sticks, water bottle, sleeping bag, sun glass, sun cap, sun cream, rain coat, down jacket, thermal trousers, gloves, warm socks, shirts, t-shirts, slippers, pullover, flash light, personal toilet papers, camera, binoculars, medicine recommended by doctor etc. are the  few things that you need to bring while trekking in Nepal.

Q. Is it necessary to use guide while on trek in Nepal?

There is no compulsory to use guide while trekking in Nepal, however we recommend every guest to use our trained guide so that they could easily and safely complete their trek.

Q. How many miles do we walk per day while on trek?

There is no hard and fast rule of the distance to be covered and the time of trekking per day. It depends upon the physical fitness and interest of the guests. Basically, we trek about 5 to 6 hours per day.

Q. Is there electricity Facility during the trekking?

Most of the Trekking areas like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Mustang and Manaslu, has an electricity facility.

Q. What is Tea House Trek?

Tea house Trek is basic lodges stay for overnight in tea houses that offers a bed and meals. During your Trip we will takes you along your route, organizing and paying for places to eat and sleep.The accommodation and meals can vary from very similar hotel in like in city area something far more rustic depending on the area you are visiting.

Q. What is Camping Trek?

Camping trek is a type of trek where Trekkers bring all the trekking equipment and necessary food during the Trekking period and stay alive, cooking on the Kitchen Tent, eating on the dinning tent, and sleeping on the member tent. Camping trekking is organized and supported with a team of guides, cooks, Sherpa and porters to accompany you. During this Trek You carry your small backpack with a water bottle, camera and your day clothes.

Q. What’s the common form of greeting in Nepal?

It is called Namasker or Namaste. The word Namaste means such as hello, I am glad to see you, nice to meet you, good morning etc.

Q. What is the national language of Nepal?

Nepal’s national language is called Nepali. It is written in Devnagari script. This script is the same as the one used in Hindi language-the national language of India. There are more than seventy two different scripts languages in Nepal.

Q. What is Nepal known for?

Nepal is known for Mt. Everest the highest mountain in the world, spectacular natural beauty that can be seen in each land especially hilly region, known as the birth place of Lord Buddha, and the hindu goddess lord Sita, also known as the name of Gorkha warriors. It is also known as a country with natural water recourse.

Q. What are Nepali people like?

Nepalese people are friendly and hospitable by nature. Nepalese respects guest as god. Travelers count Nepalese among the best friends in the world.

Q. Can I pay with credit cards?

Yes we accept credit cards as well. Visa and master cards are more widely accepted than other credit cards in Nepal.

Q. Who will pick me up at the Kathmandu airport?

One of our staffs will pick you up from the airport. He will be displaying a card bearing your name right outside of the main exit gate of the terminal hall. He will welcome you and take you to the hotel where he will help you with the checking in procedures.

Q. What are some basic Nepali customs that I should know about?

- Take of your shoes before entering home.
- Ask for permission before entering Hindu temple.
- Be friendly as you travel in Nepal.
- Ask for permission before taking photo of objects.