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Important Information About Trekking in Nepal

February 25, 2015

Trekking in Nepal
Trekking is a different form of travel which is done during different seasons. As compared to other types of travels, trekking is less structured. The factors that affect the form of travel in trekking include weather patterns and an area’s topography and not the availability of hotels and flights.

Travelers move on foot through rural areas enabling them to have a closer look at incredible scenes. Most trekkers travel through areas that are isolated giving them a unique experience as compared to people who travel through popular places. Trekkers often interact with nature by climbing rocks and mountains.

Who can trek?
– It is advisable that a person treks with a professional trekker if he/she is a first time trekker.
– This will enable him/her to gain experience while in the company of the professionals.
– Some organizations usually offer classes for beginners.

Why trekking in Nepal?
– Trekking can be done in many parts of the world.
– However, there are areas that are most popular with trekkers such as regions that are mountainous.
– These areas include the Himalayas located in Asia and most specifically in Nepal.
– Treks have also been done in all continents that receive fewer tourists.
– Adventuring in the Himalayas gives every trekker a unique and unforgettable experience.
– There has been an improvement in the equipment and clothing for trekking in Nepal.
– For people with plenty of resources helicopters, aircraft and vehicles are also available.
– People living in the Nepal mountainous regions still practice their old traditions.

Food while trekking
– Plenty of good food should be carried and it is important to always be hydrated.
– The food and water is usually provided.
– Wholesome snacks and vitamin tablets are also appropriate.

Clothing and equipments for Nepal trekking
– Clothing carried along by trekkers should be suitable for the chilly nights and warm days.
– When trekking during daytime at low altitudes, it is appropriate that light trekking trousers and a T-shirt are worn.
– A waterproof jacket should also be carried as well as warm clothing due to the unpredictability of the mountain weather.
– Thermal underwear is most suitable for cold nights.
– Other equipment include a best sleeping bag for cold weather, daypack, socks, boots, camp shoes, sunglasses, gloves, water bottles, torches, toiletries, moisturizer, towels, cameras and a first aid kit among others.

Altitude sickness
– The high mountains are characterized by less oxygen and this causes people to feel unwell.
– Most people manage altitudes up to 2500m but suffer altitude sickness beyond this height.
– Symptoms include headaches, vomiting, dry cough, less urination, lack of judgement and coughing blood among others.

Best time for trekking
– Trekking can be done at any time of the year but this depends on the places that are visited.
– However, the most popular times for trekking are the autumn and spring.
– Autumn includes the period between September and November; winter is between December and February, spring between March and May, and summer between June and August. Continue reading