Chitwan hoteliers shut shop over arrest of married couples

24 January 2015

Accusing police of arresting even husband and wife in a campaign to curb sexual activities, hotel, lodge and restaurant entrepreneurs have closed down their businesses indefinitely from Monday.

Police on Saturday afternoon had arrested 17 women, 12 men and 10 hoteliers during a raid in over 100 lodges in Narayanghat Bharatpur area.

Among the arrested, five were married couples. They were kept under the custody at the District Police Office, Chitwan for two hours and were released only in the evening.

“The code of conduct is in effect to stop immoral activities. We have not objected to the raid, but the method of crackdown,” Chairman of Hotel Entrepreneurs´ Association, Chitwan said.

According to ex-Chairman of Hotel Entrepreneurs´ Association, Chitwan, Imandu Baral all hotels and lodges from Muglin to Bharatpur have closed their service. He added that they will not take new guests, but will continue service to those already checked in.