Best time to visit Nepal

Friday, 22 December, 2017

Everest gokyo lake, amazing lake in Khumbu

Everest gokyo lake, amazing lake in Khumbu

Within a short range of area, Nepal has huge topographical and altitude variation that has direct effect in weather conditions. Geographically, Nepal has three regions, namely- Himalayan Region, Hilly Region and Terai Region. Climatic condition of terai is hot and there is freezing cold in Mountaious Regions, whereas Hilly Regions offers moderate type of climatic conditions. Depending upon the topography and altitude, There are four Seasons-Springs (March-May), Summer (June-August), Autumn (September-November) and Winter (December-January).

The article suggest you for the best time to visit Nepal.

Spring (March-May)

Spring season is moderate- neither too hot nor too cold. The best part of this season is that new buds grow in the tree and flowers bloom. The hills and various forests get covered with beautiful flowers, especially Rhododendron, which is also the national flower of Nepal. It is considered second best season for trekking in Nepal as it offers favorable climatic conditions for all the trekkers to trek in every range of altitude. Spring is also best time to visit Nepal

Summer/Monsoon (June-August)

Summer is the hottest season of Nepal. Sky is clear and frequent rainfall occurs and the days are rainy. Nepal is an agricultural country, all the farmers get excited and active more in this season so as to cultivate rice. “Dhaan Diwas” occurs in this season in which farmers celebrate the rice cultivation day. The movement of sun towards the north provides greater amount of solar radiation on the mountain slopes that result in frequent avalanches. Moreover the trekking paths will be slippery, damp and leeches will be seen on the way. Thunderstorms and hail stones are frequent. So this season is not considered favorable and suitable for trekking.

Winter (December -February)

Winter is the coldest season of the year. In the area of high altitude, snow falls frequently whereas in the lower altitude regions, cold wind blows. Sometimes clouds and thick fogs will cover various places. Except for the passes like like Thorung La and Laurabina, this is the best season for trekking to explore Himalayan regions in Nepal. People usually clove themselves with thick clothes to keep their body warm. Although the nights are cold, the sunny days in winter are great for trekking. The mountains views in this season are really amazing. Rainfall rarely occurs and the skies are clear and the main advantage of trekking in winter season is that the trails will be less crowded as it is considered as the offseason. Moreover the cost of trekking and hotels will be comparatively less.

Autumn (October-November)

Autumn is the best and most favorable season for trekking in Nepal. People who want to visit Nepal will rarely miss this season for their trekking. The season is characterized with clear skies, sunshine, warm days, cool nights and stable pressure. Clear skies when reflects over the snow capped mountains, the view of those mountains becomes so beautiful that it seems as if the mountains are electroplated with gold. Most of the Nepalese festivals like Dashai, Tihar (festival of light), Chhat occurs in this season. To sum up, autumn is the best time to visit Nepal.

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