Airport handling six flights per hour

10th March, 2015

Tribhuvan International Airport is handling (take-off and landing) six international flights per hour on an average.
TIA officials said they had handled 265 flights since the airport opened on Saturday.
Nepal Airlines Corporation’s plane was the first to leave for Delhi at 10:00pm on Saturday after the airport reopened.
“There have been 135 departures and around 130 arrivals at TIA as of Monday evening,” said Tek Nath Sitaula, deputy director of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal Office, TIA. Based on average passenger capacity of 175 to 200 per aircraft, it can be assumed that 23,000 to 28,000 passengers, including those having scheduled flights, took off on 135 flights, while 22,000 to 26,000 passengers have landed in Kathmandu.
“We hope to make TIA movement normal from Wednesday. Pressure has eased off compared to Sunday,” added Sitaula.
To clear the backlog, TIA had decided to remain open 24 hours till March 11.
During normal days, the airport handles 70 flights on an average.